Investment process


A personalised ESG strategy meeting the most stringent ESG criteria, defined together with the client and fully integrated into our investment process and portfolio management


Comprehensive and flexible integration into the investment process

  • In general, there is no single ESG approach, but rather a multitude of characteristics, views and approaches, which result in significant differences in terms of investment universe and portfolio characteristics
  • We are therefore convinced that ESG aspects should be integrated into the investment process and portfolio management in close consultation with the client
  • We apply the following approaches:
    • Negative screening/exclusion lists
    • ESG integration by means of rating/scoring
    • ESG focus by means of positive screening and best-in-class approach
    • Impact Investing
  • We rely on the solid database of MSCI ESG Research, the leading provider of sustainability data
  • For the CHF fixed income market in particular, the ESG approach often reaches its limits, which is why we have created and use a proprietary database with our own classification for the entire CHF fixed income universe
  • Transparency and ESG reporting are essential elements of any ESG approach. The ESG characteristics of the portfolios are measured against a benchmark, both in absolute and relative terms.
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