Loyal Finance - a fixed income specialist for 30 years

Our core value is loyalty – the bond with the client, the commitment to our investment principles and our consistency as an investor in challenging financial markets.
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Loyal Finance AG is an independent asset management company, founded in Zurich in 1991, with the status of an asset manager according to the Collective Investment Schemes Act. The company is a recognised specialist in fixed income management and works mainly for institutional investors. It also manages a competitive range of public bond funds.


Loyal Finance AG offers professional fixed income management for institutional investors, financial intermediaries and wealthy private investors.


Fixed income funds

We manage the Synchrony fixed income fund range of the Banque Cantonale de Genève (BCGE). The funds reflect our fixed income expertise and investment philosophy in the form of efficient and competitive fixed income components with clearly defined investment strategies.

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Fixed income mandates

A tailor-made, cost-effective fixed income mandate can offer many advantages to both institutional and private clients

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Advice in the fixed income field

Since its foundation, Loyal Finance has also offered its expertise in fixed income in the form of specific advisory mandates

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Investment expertise

Active or passive fixed income management?

The bond sector is different, and passive management has, by definition, serious disadvantages

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Investment philosophy

Our fundamental convictions in today’s complex financial markets

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Investment process

We speak a common language that is constantly evolving and helps us with our day-to-day investment decisions and portfolio management

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Credit strategies

Our disciplined credit process is based on a quantitative and qualitative approach and has been developed and implemented over several decades, with no compromises in terms of diversification

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Interest rate strategies

Structural and cyclical analysis of economies and interest rate levels, in a continuing effort to achieve consistency and comparability over time and across markets

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Implementation and risk management

Clearly defined and rigorously applied principles when it comes to the implementation of active credit and interest rate strategies and the construction of our portfolios

Our approach to risk management is based on pragmatism, not dogmatism. We believe that common sense and experience are just as important as sophisticated models and systems.

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A personalised ESG strategy meeting the most stringent ESG criteria, defined together with the client and fully integrated into our investment process and portfolio management

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By our clients’ side with consistency, expertise and creativity